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I'm abit miffed at the moment. on the site I post my fic's on, I feel We new writers don't really get the support from the more. How do I say this? 'Big hitters' I say this for want of a better word. They are the founders, the keepers, Admin and so on. I mean no disrespect. I posted a reply on why we leave reviews. Most of these people explained that they only leave them if they feel moved or if they thought it was good enough. I think that as a new writer, it means more when a seasoned writer says something about your fic. Even if they thought something wasn't right, tell us. As they say it's the only way we can learn. I also know that time restraints and real live get in the way. I fully support this fact, I know I'm proberbly going to open up a can of worms here. As I have said though I mean no disrespect, Totally the opposite in fact. I'm calling out for help. I only speak for myself, and nobody has asked me to do this. I would like to see what other writers feel. We shall see?
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