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Goblet of Fire.

Well where do I start. Well lets get one thing straight. I liked it. I didn't like the fact it was cut to buggery. It didn't flow as well as I thought it should. Some bits were funny. Some were cringe-worthy.
(Don't think I got that but hey it's my site.) Tina had an issue with the film as well, and I quote. "How can it be a Yule ball when it's on at christmas day. The time of Yule is December 21/22, and is a Sabat. It sybmbolizes the passage of dark into light. Meaning the days start getting lighter thus they celebrate the fact by a feast. The Romans (What have they ever done for us.) In their infanate wisdom gave Christians this date for Christmas to stop us from celebrating this unnatural Pagen Sabat. And to also get us to follow their more God like teachings. If you failed to do this you were killed as heathen, and made to be a example to all." Having said that I liked it immensely and will be going to see it again.
Big up the twat who came into the cinema in a freakin wizard hat and sat down in front of me. Luckily they must of heard Tina say they were a sad old twat. As they took it off before the film started. (Hey I'm all for fun but NOT when I can't see the bloody screen.) Love to all who speak their mind. Even if it gets me strange looks as I laugh at what Tina and Hannah say. Love to the both of you.
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